Last experimental piece for Madre

Hydromel Collective

Camera & Postproduction for Caffeine Magazine + The Loud Residents


Edited this video for Caffeine Magazine + Viva Belgrado

“Monday Frida” – Videoclip I worked in doing preproduction, production and edition for Dreyma.

Short video I made this summer.

Mini docu.

Edited & translate for Vicerrectorado de Cultura y Deporte UMA

Recorded and edited for Contenedor Cultural

Inspired by the Lynchian world.

insides // universes.

“There’s a vortex in every eyelash” // “Fall in love with human beings”
First video. July 2015. Bristol.

‘höst’ is a swedish word that means autumn.

music composed by The Gateless Gate
song: Mývatn viewed from Hverfell caldera, October